A key component for HospitalMD to achieve the levels of success we expect and our clients deserve is Purposeful Leadership. Leadership is not a unique topic, and can certainly be found on almost every Hospital Medicine (HM) group’s marketing material. Although everyone understands the importance of leadership, providing that leadership consistently and effectively is where so many others fall short. That is why we incorporate not just leadership, but Purposeful Leadership into the daily lives of our organization. HospitalMD strives for Purposeful Leadership everyday thru the following qualities:
  1. Worthy of being followed – We must be the example for others to follow
  2. Candor – Ability to communicate the good and the bad while leaving dignity in place
  3. Tenacity – The desire to do your best
  4. Execution – Make it happen with plans that are clear, concise and measurable with personal accountability
How does HospitalMD’s commitment to Purposeful Leadership help you achieve financial and clinical success? By creating an environment that fosters open communication, a collaborative approach (alignment), setting and achieving goals, and managing performance. This commitment by our entire organization to demonstrate these qualities allows us to accept nothing less than your success. Our on-site leadership is derived through our physicians, our Medical Director, and our Clinical Consultants. They all play a vital role in the success of our service, and they all demonstrate a commitment to Purposeful Leadership.

Physicians – The Captain of the Ship

Physicians’ decisions and orders drive almost all patient care and HospitalMD believes that our physicians must be “the captain of the ship” of HM management and leadership. Our physicians become the “catalysts” that unify the group, elicit cooperation of group members, set the standard of quality, and establish underlying treatment plans. We expect our physicians to oversee all patient care and function as a seamless, continuous “patient care team leader”. Examples include setting the urgency and timing of nursing interventions, requiring nurses as appropriate to accompany physicians during rounds, monitor patient conditions and frequency of follow up; and report changes in  patient condition and results of diagnostic exams that comply with his/her treatment plan. In this sense, the physician and each respective nurse works “hand-in-glove” to provide “high touch” personal attention.
The importance of each of our physicians engaging in Purposeful Leadership cannot be overstated.
The importance of each of our physicians engaging in Purposeful Leadership cannot be overstated. HospitalMD wants to maximize the clinical and financial success for our clients, so committing our resources to each physician is imperative to that mission. That is why we have developed a training program and organizational structure that allows us to effectively coach and train each physician to meet our rigorous expectations. Our Medical Director and Clinical Consultants provide the training and environment necessary for each physician, and are held accountable to both the hospital and HospitalMD for the success of the physician group.

Medical Director

Our Medical Director is unique when compared to other HM groups in that they have an active accountability in the success of the performance of our service. The Medical Director has the authority to represent HospitalMD as the primary liaison with the hospital’s executive team, Medical Staff, and hospital clinical support team. This results in a sense of “ownership” by the Medical Director, and provides our client with a physician that is working alongside them to deliver an outstanding service. The Medical Director works closely with us from recruiting and interviewing prospective physician candidates to the individual training and coaching a physician requires. The Medical Director is selected based on their history of demonstrating the qualities of Purposeful Leadership, giving them the personal tools necessary to lead a successful HM group.

Clinical Consultant

Creating an organization committed to demonstrating Purposeful Leadership does not happen because we “hope” it does. And to deliver the service needed to maximize our clients’ clinical and financial success, this leadership was something we could not compromise on. That is why we created our Clinical Consultant role. The Clinical Consultant is a dedicated clinical professional (usually a Nurse) that is dedicated to overseeing the performance of each hospital. Their work begins well before a HospitalMD physician works the first shift for a new client. The Clinical Consultant and their team begin gathering the necessary information to provide a smooth transition between your current HM service and our services. They spend multiple days’ onsite meeting with the heads of each department in the hospital, gathering all the relevant information and protocols that are in place, and develop a better understanding of the strengths of each hospital as well as identify potential opportunities for improvement. This information is then packaged into our site specific manual that is provided to each physician and is the basis of each physician’s orientation.
The Clinical Consultant works with the Medical Director to identify and coach physicians based on their individual needs.
The Clinical Consultant will then begin working with the Medical Director and physicians. Initially the Clinical Consultant has the responsibility of training each new physician on not only HospitalMD’s manual and guidelines, but the hospital specific orientation as well. This is where our physicians begin their training of the leadership qualities and expectations that are set. The Clinical Consultant works with the Medical Director to identify and coach physicians based on their individual needs. They have a shared accountability for the success of each shift and each physician. The Clinical Consultant also works directly with the hospital administration on short and long term goals that have been set. They work with case management, utilization review and medical records to ensure appropriate medical decisions, patient care, timely chart completion and optimal documentation for maximizing reimbursement. They work with Nursing leaders to provide updates to ensure current Medicare and regulatory guidelines are met. Their Purposeful Leadership sets the example for our entire clinical team!
Exhibiting consistent Purposeful Leadership is critical to HospitalMD’s successful implementation of its HM service.
Exhibiting consistent Purposeful Leadership is critical to HospitalMD’s successful implementation of its HM service. Discussing the theories of leadership is an easy endeavor, but demonstrating those qualities on a daily basis takes a level and commitment most HM groups are not willing to carry out. At HospitalMD, we can’t imagine striving for anything less. Contact us today to learn more!