Emergency Medicine

If you’re here visiting our site, chances are you are experiencing some level of dissatisfaction with your current Emergency Department (ED) service.  And for many hospital executives, this won’t be the first time you have begun to look at ED service alternatives, and you’re probably thinking it won’t be your last.  The prevailing mentality is often that all ED groups are the same.  Many see ED groups as a commodity, a service that is interchangeable with any other ED group, and unfortunately this mentality is all too often justified.

Female Doctor and Patient

HospitalMD is an organization that is committed to changing this mentality for our clients through emergency medicine.  We are an organization that works tirelessly to help our clients achieve the financial and clinical success they deserve. We expect to be held to a higher standard.  And because our vision is to see financially successful community hospitals across the country, we know we can’t accomplish that by offering a service that is the same as everyone else.

The sections that follow are designed to provide you with a glimpse of how HospitalMD views a number of important topics that impact the financial and clinical success of a hospital and the ED.  We attempt to provide you with not only our philosophy on these topics, but also examples of how we implement our service to achieve the highest levels of success. Some consistent themes you will find throughout these pages, and within our organization are:

  • Integrating the business of medicine with clinical expertise
  • Maximizing Revenue
  • Purposeful Leadership
  • Common Goals and Alignment
  • Accountability

We trust you will find the following information relevant and informative as you begin your journey of evaluating your ED service.  We understand that for you to achieve the level of success in your ED that your hospital and community expects and deserves, you must have a partner that matches your level of commitment.  HospitalMD exhibits that commitment to our clients, which is why we are quickly becoming the partner of choice for so many community hospitals!

We look forward to an opportunity to learn more about you and your hospital!