We are often asked where we find our physicians.  Hospitals tell us they hope we have a secret source of ideal candidates ready to be sent to our practice sites.  It certainly would be great if we did!  The reality is we recruit from the same physician pool that everyone else does.  Thankfully the same culture, values, clinical and business approach, and our client endorsements that lead our hospital prospects to perceive something favorably different about us also helps us attract the best physicians.  The same commitment we give to understand our clients is also given to finding the right physician.  At HospitalMD, recruiting the right physician the first time is instrumental to the success of our practice. All physicians trained at an accredited medical school learn the same fundamental science of medicine. From this point on, each becomes a product of inherent and acquired confidence through experience and continuing education, values and work ethic, personality and enthusiasm, interest in continual learning, critical thinking/problem solving skills and judgment, and motivation.  In other words, they are like the rest of us.  Some are successful, and some are not as successful. Some are pleasant to work, with and some are not. Some are average, and some are superior. So how does HospitalMD find the successful, superior and pleasant physicians?  Through truly understanding our clients’ needs and committing the resources necessary to find the physicians that match.

Different Approach

We understand the importance of how the physicians in the ED interact with other physicians, staff and administration in the hospital.
Members of our team have recruited and worked directly with physicians over the past couple of decades. With our background of managing hospitals in the past, we have recruited not only emergency and hospitalist medicine specialties, but other hospital-based physician specialties as well.  The benefit of this is we understand the importance of how the physicians in the ED interact with other physicians, staff and administration in the hospital.  This allows us to better evaluate each physician candidate with respect to how they will interact to the specific culture of each hospital.  This evaluation allows us to recruit and retain physicians that maximize the success of not only the ED, but the hospital as a whole. We employ well established personality evaluation instruments during our interviews.  This is commonly used by organizational behavior and development consultants in other industries, yet HospitalMD may be the only company utilizing these proven techniques when evaluating physician prospects.  Why do we use these techniques while others do not?  Because our mentality is to have the right physician in place for every shift that helps our clients maximize their clinical and financial success.  This is significantly different than the prevailing “shift is covered” mentality seen in others. Our experience indicates that the attraction of reducing front-end recruiting costs by placing any available physician in an open shift actually results in a higher expense than if we are to incur  a higher front-end cost through interviewing many prospects and conducting a more thorough investigation of each physician.  This thorough investigation allows us to find the “right” physician and not just the “available” physician. This allows us to limit our clients bad experiences with physicians.  This results in lower turnover of physicians and a higher patient and workplace satisfaction!
They search for candidates that are the right fit for HospitalMD and our clients.
Therefore, we have created a provider development system that we believe produces a much more effective provider candidate. Our approach provides a better experience for our clients, and results in more stable and predictable schedules. Our recruiters learn a new approach to supplying a physician pipeline. They are judged on the basis of retention rather than number of new recruits. They are consultants, not sourcers and salesmen. They search for candidates that are the right fit for HospitalMD and our clients. They enjoy a close relationship with our practice sites and work directly with our Medical Directors and practice management staff. This allows them to thoroughly understand the dynamics of a hospital and the team, allowing them to better recruit the right fit for our client. This process allows us to find physicians that understand HospitalMD’s mission of assisting our hospital clients to be successful. This requires that they come to understand how to make effective medical necessity decisions.  We require a physician that is motivated to keep all inpatients local within the constraints of the hospital’s scope of services, even if this requires them to broaden their clinical competence. So recruiting at HospitalMD is really about “business development”. Any physician can fill a hole in a schedule. Only a few can truly be transformation agents. Our recruiters must deliver transformation agents. Contact us today and find out how our differences make a difference to you!